WINNING: Anna Beats The Odds With Tiny Win - But...

Maybe not the Anna that wrote to us.

A short while ago Anna left a testimonial on my blog. She was excited about a $6 win.

I was going to remove it. Anyone can win $6 with my system. It's not really in the league of many other Silver Lotto System wins totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But I left it there for this reason...

More people than we know - without my system - actually win nothing when they play.

I've seen it time and time again. They've played for years using quick picks or another system and won nothing, zilch.

Then they buy my system, and suddenly they are winning for the first time in years. And so they want to share their excitement with us.

They know that their meager prize could have easily been a major one. It is just a question of the amount, and no one can control when that happens.

Anna's win will probably be the first of many more. And we hope she will hit the big one too.