How To Be A Whiz With Lottery Figures - Even If You Can't Add For Peanuts

What's faster - brain or adding machine?

He was trying to figure out how much a week he's getting from his new job, but he only had the annual salary amount. So I told him immediately.

"That's $650 a week" I said confidently just a second later, while my friend was just starting to reach over for his calculator.

"Whaat!" he said, "Is that right?"

He tapped away, then looked up.

"It was $643. That's amazingly close. How did you do it so fast?"

I smiled and shrugged it off. "I'm just smart."

But the fact is there are easy tricks you can use for this kind of broad estimate.

For example, in less than a second you can tell them that earning $30,000 per year is nearly $600 per week (it's $577, close enough)

The calculating is easy to do... here's how:

  • First, just take off the 2 zeros at the end of the number. So $30,000 becomes 300.
  • Then double it. This gives you 600, which is an accurate weekly amount to within a few dollars.

$100,000, how much a week is that? PHOTO: Quintenews

Or, let's say you've won $100,000. And instead of spending it, you decide to put it in the bank and get 6% interest on it... $6,000 a year.

But how much is that a week?

  • Take the last 2 zeros off. That leaves you with 60.
  • Double it, and you get $120 per week. 

The calculator says $116... but again that's close enough for a good estimate.

There are many ways you can use this secret method to impress people. Have fun!


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