Is Your Life Exciting or Boring?

Waiting for someone must rank up there as the most boring activity!

Here's 6 top boring activities according to a selection from Yahoo Answers:

  1. Watching grass grow
  2. Watching paint dry
  3. Waiting for the phone to ring
  4. Watching someone play videogames
  5. Waiting in a queue 
  6. Listening to someone talking about computers in a monotone voice

 Not included - using my Silver Lotto System. I believe it is the most boring kind of activity ever invented.

It's boring because once you've filled the numbers out in the System and transferred them to your tickets, there's nothing more to do. You only do the process once, forever - until you have a major win.

I haven't heard of any System that operates this way.

Yet, it's exciting too, because those very same numbers are the ones you're looking forward to winning each week.

Exciting or boring? Both! Try it: Silver Lotto System