PLAY TIP: How Much Should You Spend On A Lottery Game Each Week?

How much would you spend to get a Powerball $1 million prize? Via Powerball

I often get emails from Silverites (buyers of my system), asking how much they have to spend in order to win lottery prizes:

"Ken, theres no way I can spend more than $20 a week on the lottery. Is that enough to start winning?


There is no minimum amount. You can spend as little as $10 a week with my system, and still have an excellent chance of winning. Or you might have to spend more to see results.

I personally spend upwards of $60 per game, but that's just my preference. I always get several prizes at that level, and enjoy my winnings enough to keep on going.

It's not really necessary to spend huge sums game after game. LottoPredict is tuned to get you the highest advantage in each game using your Silver Lotto System. Then luck takes over for the tiny percentage left.

Even the smaller prizes will go a long way when you've only spent $10 to win them!

So spend sensibly. Use as many resources as possible to bring your risk down. Trade intelligent thinking for money... and make your funds go further.

TIP: If you have very little money to play each week, save it up - don't spend it - then put it all down on one game after a month. Your winning odds will be vastly improved that way.