DEADLINE: The Signal That Shows You're Missing Out On Winning These Lottery Jackpots

Everyone knows a thumbs-up signal ... but are you missing these lottery ones?

Look over to the side column of the Lotto Life blog, at the "Playing This Week" section.

Many of those games haven't offered a win for some time. All they've done is rolled over and increased the jackpot amounts.

This signal should tell you something VERY important.

When nobody is winning a game and the jackpots are rolling over week after week, you should be using the Silver Lotto System to play them now. The timing will never be better.

If you're in the state or country where these games are played, you should be gearing up to play right now.

The jackpot amount is bigger and more appealing. Your life will certainly change for the better and it's easy to get excited about the large prizes.

But there are a few disadvantages with these large number games, so think about these 4 points before you play:

#1. More people are attracted and play in a large jackpot game, making the chance of you sharing the jackpot with them much higher. A 100 million prize divided among 10 players is not as good as winning a smaller jackpot prize of 50 million all by yourself.

#2. You might be tempted to spend more on tickets than you can afford. Always stick to your budget no matter what the jackpot.

#3. You might divert your ticket money from your regular game to the big jackpot game. This is not a good strategy. One of the Silver Lotto System rules is to play one game and stick to it.

#4. Always use PRO for the big games such as Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions or Lotto Max. The odds are not as good in these games because they have a large number of balls and numbers, and usually one or two bonus balls. This makes it harder to win unless you use PRO (

So use the Silver Lotto System and PRO Custom Profiles together to get an unfair advantage.

1. Get the System with LottoPredict
2. Add PRO Custom Profiles