MYTH-BUSTED: The Truth About Air Freshener And Winning The Lottery

Ever sprayed air freshener to conceal odors? Wondered how it works?

Most people think they know how - but they don't.

They would be shocked to know that the spray doesn't rid the air of the smell. The nasty odor particles don't suddenly get coated with heavy gel and fall down behind your couch.

In fact, the freshener desensitizes your nostrils!

That's right. It makes them both numb so you can't smell anything except the perfume in the can.

In the same way, you think you're playing lotto correctly - but are in fact making big errors without knowing it.

Most people don't know why they're not winning their share of the lotto millions out there.

Here are the 5 main reasons for not winning:

1. You're not playing enough tickets. One Silver Lotto System Profile line or even 10 tickets per game is not enough! Use more, many more. Save up and wait if necessary till you can afford more tickets in one game.

2. You're playing too many games with too few numbers. Keep focused. You can't play 4 different games each week with a few lines in each and expect to get any result. Focus in on one game and stay with it.

3. You've given up because you're not winning each week. Keep going! Persist! Success comes to the players who keep going regardless.

4. Get in to win. Lotto is like going to a baseball game... you won't get in the stadium unless you've bought a ticket at the gate. Get in the game!

5. You need to build and believe in your dream. That keeps you going and enthusiastic.