WINNING STORY: A Tattslotto Lottery Winner Tells How He Spent His $2 Million Winnings

This Australian Tattslotto winner answers direct questions on the reddit forum, and tells readers what he's done with his winnings after 3 years. Makes for a fascinating read.

See his winning ticket below, and make sure you take note of the last comment:

Q. Was it a giant check? Or just a giant sum of money on a mediocre check?

A. The whole process is underwhelming. I thought there would be streamers and champagne but it is no different than collecting a minor prize. (except it takes 2 weeks).

Q. Do you have any left?

A. I have over half left (3 years later) The majority of the first half was paying off debts... I had around 400k in debt.. plus I bought a 100k car (5 Series BMW), money to family, lots of toys and holidays leaving me with this amount today.

After many years we finally got our gardens landscaped. I bought a few musical instruments, (guitars, drums, amps, digital recording setup), Big TV, nice Media Centre, a few computers, consoles etc. 2 First Class Trips (1 around the world) 4 Business class. Thats pretty much it.

Q. You had a million dollars in debts?

A. I had a large mortgage (as most Australians have). Car debt, Credit Card debt. Gave some to our family's. After that and some holidays and other things it's close to that.

Q. And what are you doing with the money now? Investing, or living large?

A. I still lead a fairly moderate life.. We do have nice holidays.. But most of the remaining money is now invested.

Q. Did you quit your day job? If yes, what are your plans in the future career wise?

A. I stayed at my job for a few months (IT) but couldn't really focus.. I was getting a bit bored at the place I was working.. so I left. It's now 3 years later and I am ready to do something again. Not exactly sure what that is going to be.

Q. Have people you wouldn't expect start asking you for money?

A. Only a direct family member asked for a relatively small amount which was to help them out while going thru a personal problem. I am surprised that none of my friends that know have even asked in jest. We have helped a couple of people out here and there but for pretty small amounts.

Q. How has your lifestyle changed as a result?

A. Buying the latest toys when they come out instead of waiting until they have dropped in price. Being able to go out for dinner more often. Paying for friends dinners etc. Generally along the lines of not having to think to myself 'Can I afford this.'

Q. Are you any happier? Be honest...

A. I have lead a great life the last 3 years. I have done some really cool stuff.. Followed bands around the world, flown first class, stayed in the best hotels, dined at some of the worlds best restaurants and bought most things I have wanted.

Q. Can you give us any tips?

A. The only tip I can give you - and it is a cliché - is, you have to be in it to win it.