LUCK: Where You Look, You Will Go - Powerful Thinking To Win The Lottery

The corner was coming up fast. I was on my newly purchased BMW motorbike, many years ago. I was young.

The day was ending, the road dry, and I had many years of riding experience under my belt.

And yet that corner was coming dangerously close, very quickly.

Would I make it? I braked, more heavily that I should have.

I watched - as if in slow motion - as the corner came closer and closer. I kept my eyes on that corner, wondering if I was going to make it out alive.

I crashed. 

It's old news for motorcyclists - and I knew it too ... that where you look, you will go.

If you look at a stone in the middle of the road, your motorcycle will automatically start to veer towards it. That corner magnetically attracted me as I kept looking at it.

This applies to good and bad luck as well. As simple as it sounds, if you constantly have positive thoughts in your mind, you will go there.

Illusionist Derryn Brown predicted the UK lottery, but it was a trick of the mind.

You will accomplish whatever you think about. The mind is an extraordinarily powerful force... for good or bad.

Whatever you think about, you will achieve.

So how can you apply this knowledge to winning lotto? Well, good luck can be engineered. You first have to think about it, then act on it.

There are three easy steps you can follow to start a chain of good winning luck:

1. Be prepared. That means having a good lotto system like the Silver Lotto System in place that you know will work. Otherwise it's just guesswork.

2. Be positive. You may think that simply thinking bright thoughts will not change anything... but positivity is contagious. You are what you think, and positive thoughts lead to positive actions. You will play more and frequency always brings results.

3. Take action. This is the most important step. If you have a premonition that this will be your winning week, then act on it. Buy the tickets, play the game. Many people have thought they might win in a certain time, and did.

And for banishing negativity?

Don't listen to anybody who hasn't won lotto... there are plenty of negative people around who will tell you how to lose. Instead, associate only with winners - they will help you get to your goals.

Just like riding a motorcycle... where you look - you will go.

As I lay on that corner in the twilight, my motorcycle still revving noisily beside me, I wondered if I was still alive. Or was this what happens when you die - like a spirit you still have thoughts.

I lifted an arm, rolled over, felt the large parts of my body.

I was still intact, no broken bits except where I had cut my lip. I gave a mighty whoop into the still night air. It was one of the most exciting times of my life - because I had cheated death and won.

It was my only accident, and I learned from it.

And my lottery winnings kept mounting and multiplying because I found where I should look.

Here's another crash that worked out well for Phil: