PREDICTION: Do You Believe In The Power Of Destiny To Win The Lottery?

Can you work out when you're going to win - like Terry Stout?
Photo: News-Record

I was watching TV a while back. A major lotto winner was talking about his winning premonition. He said that for a short while before his huge multi-million dollar windfall he had a feeling that he was going to win.

It was this powerful, gut-wrenching feeling of eventual success that kept him buying tickets week after week... certain that he was soon going to score the major prize.

Well of course, he did. But what was interesting about his statement was his feeling of high expectation beforehand.

You could say it was his destiny revealing itself.

Players who take action will always get the highest results.

I had a very similar experience about choosing my path in selling my successful lottery System.

Many years ago, when I was just a young lad, I was part of a large organization. We weren't paid very much back in those days, so I came up with an idea that allowed a group of us to get an enormous windfall each week.

I got together a small group, and each payday we each put in a set amount from our wage packet. Shortly after we were paid, we would have a hidden draw and select one member from the pool.

This lucky person received all the accumulated money - which proved to be a large amount many times bigger than two month's pay.

As each member won their fair share they were eliminated - but they still had to keep paying to allow the remaining members to win.

It worked tremendously well, and there was much excitement each payday.

From that point, I knew I had a career in lotto! Perhaps it was my destiny.

And many years later I invented the Silver Lotto System - possibly the most effective lottery system ever.

My point is this... if you have a gut feeling that this week you will be the jackpot winner and receive many millions of dollars, don't ignore it.

Make sure you have all the tools you need, then go and make your own destiny real now!