FAST FACTS: Yes - People Do Ask Me These Kinds Of Lottery Questions!

Winning a pile of money is easy when you have the right answers!

People are curious, and I like that. As I searched through my emails the other day, these regular questions come up from time to time. Here's my answers:

Q. Nobody can guess the numbers to win the lottery - how can you? 
You're right that nobody can guess the winning numbers, but you need to read through the site and articles from this blog more thoroughly. You'll see I say this over and over again... my System hugely increases your winning odds, but I never guarantee it will win prizes of a certain size. And in case you're interested, I've been saying this for a long time - since 1991.

Q. Why isn't the Spanish game El Gordo in your list of PRO games?
It's listed at /games, but for accuracy I only use lotteries that have websites in English. Google Translate is not accurate enough to rely on.

Q. I'm winning a lot of small prizes - when am I going to get the jackpot?
Every prize you win has the potential to be the jackpot. That's the great unknown, and of course no system can predict when you'll hit it.

Q. How many lines in each profile do I play? I can't afford all of them.
Play to your budget. If you can afford $20 a game, then play those lines, making sure you start from the top. If you can afford more, again make sure you're playing the numbers starting from the top. The Silver Lotto System will always give you an advantage no matter how little you spend each game.

Q. I didn't receive my product.
That's answered fully in my Help Center, but usually the main problem is that your email or web host is blocking us. For emails: check your spam folder and whitelist our address.


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