WIN MORE: 7 Tips You Can Use Today To Improve Your Lottery Winnings

This couple had only played twice before winning over £100 million. Other winners may have to wait longer. Photo: Daily Record

Success in almost every endeavor on this planet requires a lot of skill and knowledge. And it often takes a lifetime and a fortune in time or money invested.

But success in winning the lottery requires only persistence and a few dollars a week. It's got to be the best way to make a fortune without effort. All you need to do is play and wait.

While no-one can predict your actual winning time, there are many players who have won large prizes quickly.

Others may require some patience to get the prize.

So until your number comes up - you need Persistence to keep you going.

Here's 7 ways to improve your lottery persistence:

1. Automate the humdrum. When you make your basic living easier, your life has room for more activity somewhere else. That will give you more energy left to get down to the lottery shop before the next game. Get others to do your chores, make your bill paying automatic... there are many ways to make your life easier.

2. Change your posture. Just by clenching your fists, standing straight and tensing your muscles, you can improve your willpower - if only for a few minutes. But that's sometimes all you need it for.

3. Have a Plan B. Often it's easy to give up when the odds seems against you. Maybe the weather is stopping you from buying your tickets. Maybe you had a bad run last week and don't feel like trying again. When this happens, use Tip #2. Another plan to solve the problem is necessary too.

4. Split up your costs. If you feel that you're spending too much in one game, it could just be psychological. Why not trick your mind... split your money in half, and buy one half soon after the game, and the other half on the last day of the same game. It will seem less even though you're spending the same.

5. Blackmail yourself. Give a friend $50 and tell them they can keep it if you don't follow through on buying your tickets each week.

6. Set ambitious goals. Aim high in whatever you want. Remember, you are planning to win many millions of dollars - there is very little you won't be able to buy. Just aim as high as you like.

7. Write down your goals. The act of committing your goals and dreams to paper makes you more likely to do what you need to acquire them. That's been proven by myself and thousands of others who dream with a pen.



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