SORRY MOM: You Were Wrong When It Came To Playing The Lottery

Relaxing is fun, but it won't get you anywhere fast.

My mother always used to say to me, "moderation in everything." It seemed a good solution for a happy life as a young man.

I guess she meant moderation with eating, playing and work... what they now call 'work-life balance.'

But it never works if you're ambitious for success in business, or winning the lottery.

Most of the world's high achievers never took any notice of this advice. They do everything at a fast clip, putting in 110% and getting gold back.

But the average guy puts in average effort and gets average results. Many of these Mr Averages were people like me, who took half a lifetime to wake up and realize that their moderation practice only got moderate results.

In the same way, a lot people today want all the rewards with only a little effort. But it takes a lot of effort to accomplish anything of value, even winning the lottery.

A while back back I told you about Jose Salmon (above), the business owner who spent large amounts on lottery tickets.

He often spent an unbelievable $600 a day. It took a while, but eventually he got his reward and won $13 million, along with another $150,000 over the years.

That's a great return for his perseverance and effort.

The secret to winning the lottery is to increase your winning odds by increasing the number of tickets you buy in each game.

There is no better way to get lottery success quickly.

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