How I'm Spending My Lottery Wealth - And It's Not How You'd Think

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams had this cube idea for his ultimate office.

Last week was quite stressful for me. I was spending some of my lottery winnings on upgrading my office and our living room. And the choice was overwhelming.

None of the so-called designers I consulted came up with the slick interiors I wanted. So I had to do it myself.

Now, I think I have good taste, but hey - I'm a guy who is good at seeing good design... not necessarily creating it.

Spending your lottery winnings on yourself is fun, but helping others is more fun. Here's an example:

I attended a real estate course about a few years ago. The seminar was taken by a committed Christian who had had accumulated over $20 milllion worth of residential homes, and was making a fair amount of residual cash each week.

Yet there was no mansion for him. No fleet of European exotic autos, no gold-plated taps or rainforest shower heads, no monogrammed luggage sets, or even a time-share jet.

He lived modestly and put all his spare cash into helping a Pacific Island community. Every cent of it, I believe. None was spent on him personally. I doubt whether he even knows what a Dualit toaster is.

I don't skimp on my office furniture or equipment.

Warren Buffet is another giver. Despite being the world's wealthiest man, he still lives in a modest home worth less than $1 million, and once owned a 2001 Lincoln. He certainly wears the same suit twice.

So having wealth is only one part of the quest for living stress-free.

But what you DO for others with your millions is important.

Like most people I spend a lot on electronic toys and bling. I also support a number of charities and organizations.

And I'd like to think my financial help is balanced and useful.

Use your wealth in ways that will spread the greatest good with your fortune. Last year I gave money to several charities who help third world countries plant crops, build businesses and assist families.

I will do the same this year. It's hugely satisfying to do this. Try it!