SURPRISE: This Lottery Winning Advice Came From A Burglar!

Some homespun advice is not recommended!

For some years I didn't set our house alarm system whenever we were out. So I was paying about $30 a month for the alarm and security guard service, all for nothing.

Then when I did set it, the alarm went off three times in one month.

The culprit was our cat, a 9 year-old Birman. Unbeknown to us, she roamed around the empty house when we were gone. (I always thought she slept during the day, like normal cats!)

Our cat looks quite unworried about setting off our alarm.

At least I knew that the security people took only 7 minutes to reach our house.

But what an expensive way to discover it at $70 a callout. Then came the burglar's advice that changed things. I tell you about that in a minute.

Trying to find why an alarm goes off is like looking for a lottery solution.

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Back to the burglary...

It wasn't our place, but someone else in another city had property stolen from inside their house. Like us, they had a cat inside, and didn't set their alarm.

And the burglar had left a note for them:

"Put your cat out and turn your alarm on dumb a***!" he had written helpfully in a scrawl on a piece of paper. Nice guy.

I took the advice to heart. Now every time we leave, I put out the cat and set the alarm. No more problems!

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