STRATEGY: How To Stop The Dreaded Wealth Creep With The Lottery!

Is this the perfect amount you need to keep you financially satisfied?

They say the more you have, the more you need. I call it "wealth creep."

It means that no matter how much you earn or obtain, it's human nature to want more wealth. And so the amount 'creeps' up, always beyond reach.

  • A recent survey asked those earning $50,000/yr how much more they needed to make them happy. They replied that it was $75,000/yr.
  • And millionaires say they needed twice as much as they had now - that's $2 million to keep them satisfied.

The magic figure... the wealth creep number... is always just a little more than you have at the time.

But there actually is a limit... a ceiling to the amount that most people need in order to have everything they want in life.

I'm reliably told that for most people it's $5 million.

So unless you want a Lear jet or massive mansion (which most of us wouldn't be comfortable acquiring anyhow), that $5 million amount will make most people happy.

How do you acquire this mind-numbing amount?

You already know that it's impossible to save for. And unless you build a business up over many years and sell it for a vast profit - which is harder than it sounds - this figure is going to be well out of reach.

The only option is a lotto winning... or several smaller wins.

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