The Unusual Question That No-One Could Answer - Until I took Charge

Not our living room - this one's a little smaller than ours.

We look out to the harbor below from our lounge window. It's a panoramic wall of glass 15 ft high by 35 ft long.

In other words, huge. From our position high on the hill, we feel though we're on top of the world.

And from time to time, as we look out to this captivating view, my wife asks about one of the ferries sitting out in the harbor. Because every few days, one of those large ships stays in the same spot for no apparent reason at all.

"I wonder why it's not moving," she wonders. Another time she might point it out again to some guests, who also put forward their views.

"Perhaps it's broken down," someone might say.

"They're testing the engines or training a new captain," ventures someone else.

After about a half hour or so, the ship moves off, berths at the wharf, and we go back to our dinner none the wiser.

Our harbor in action.

Well, after a while of listening to the same repetitive questions each time, and no-one really knew, I decided to take action.

I picked up the phone, rang the harbormaster's office, and got the public relations department. I put my questions to the woman who answered.

"Oh, that's just a timetable conflict," she explained. "Every once in a while one of the ships comes in early, and the outgoing ship hasn't left yet. There's only one berth, you see."

So the incoming ship sits in the harbor until the way is clear... usually not more than 30 minutes.

It was a great aha! moment. All those years of wondering, solved in a single phone call. 

But it pointed out to me the importance of having the right information, AND knowing where to get it from... then taking action on it.

You're probably in the same position, looking round at my different lottery products, wondering which one will actually work best.

So I put up much information on this blog to shortcut this process for you.

  • I put many winner's testimonials here.
  • I put out a daily newsletter and this blog.
  • And I personally answer most questions about my System within 24 hours.

In short, I hope I provide the most complete information source so you know exactly what is happening.

You can't exist in a knowledge vacuum. You need to know as much as you can. Then you should act fast and get going!