CASHIN' IN: I Found Some Money In My Sock!

It's surprising where you'll find spare cash if you look!

A while back I visited an osteopath. In case you didn't know, osteopaths treat you for body pain... I had twisted my neck and I was hoping they could fix it.

Before the treatment I had to remove my shoes and lie on their plinth for the remedial massage. And while I was taking off my right shoe I felt something unusual in my sock.

I didn't bother checking it there, but when I got home and removed my sock, imagine my surprise when I found a five cent piece in it. Now where did that come from? I still have no idea to this day.

But it made me think - how much money do we have around us without actually knowing it?

  • Have you looked in and under your sofa lately?
  • What about behind the seats and in the glovebox of your car? 
  • In the pockets of your jackets hanging in the wardrobe? 
  • In bags you use for travel? 
  • In hiding places you might have forgotten about?

I've often been amazed how much spare cash I could find with a little bit of searching. I came up with $30 the other day simply because I had put change from a purchase in the store's bag instead of my wallet.

Painful feet - did a coin in their sock start the hip-hop craze?

Why not do a search around your house and see how much extra you can come up with?

Then add it to your regular weekly lotto investment and see how many extra lottery tickets you can buy. You may get a surprise!