WACKY WISDOM: You Can Never Be Too Thin Or Too (Lottery Winning) Rich!

You tell yourself you need to lose some pounds, but can't decide which diet to go on.

One popular book tells you something, and two weeks later tv's Dr Phil tells you something else. And there are side effects too.

Former US president Bill Clinton went on a popular diet, then had to have heart surgery a short time later.

What really works? Confusing isn't it?

Occasionally I get emails asking me how my Silver Lotto System compares to other systems. Just like trying to figure out diet plans.

Usually these questions come because the player hasn't had much success with their other programs.

Well, I don’t make comparisons any longer. Like the diet business, it's just too complex.

But there is a simpler way...

What you should ask yourself is: what RESULTS do these other lottery systems show for their buyers?

In years gone by I looked at many systems in my research. But I never bought them - I found after a while they don’t work as well as mine. All they tell me is how "good" the system is. Few of them say who has won using it.

Mine's quite different. Here you'll see many happy success stories like John:

 Here's how to start:

1. Buy the Silver Lotto System to get started.
2. Buy the Lotto-80 System to make your game more productive.
3. Get the PRO Custom Profiles to help you get the most from every game.

So don’t go on a diet yet - buy the Silver Lotto System and maybe you can afford to get your own personal trainer with your winnings.

As the tired Hollywood saying goes: you can never be too thin or too rich!