We Gambled On Seeing The Super Moon... And It Was Just Like Winning The Lottery

Last night the moon felt like it was this close.

A while ago it was the night of the super moon. One of my adult daughters was visiting for a couple of days.  And like me - she enjoys the wonders of the planet.

My family has a small history with the sky too - my amateur astronomer father once spotted and named a new star. It's still there.

Last night was different. Because as the bright moon rose ever higher off the mountains across the harbor, it was also landing time for a dozen aircraft at our airport about 5 miles away.

Their path was across our window, from left to right, but we could see them clearly in the twilight. And as each plane dropped lower to land at 3-5 minute intervals, the moon rose higher.

And I said, "Wouldn't it be great if one of these planes hit the moon!"

Plane about to miss the moon!

We could see that at some point the aircraft would cross the moon, somewhat like the flying bicycle in the film "E.T." like the photo above.

Well, it happened. Only once.

And I missed it because I was looking through my iPhone camera trying to capture the moment.

And as we cheered, I was also disappointed because this was exactly what happens with the lottery when you forget to play.

All the anticipation, the hope, the excitement... all wasted because you didn't have your eyes on the game and take the moment at the right time.

My daughter looks at the rising moon through my 20x binoculars.

Playing the lottery is also like trying to get the intersection of your numbers, their numbers, and the date all hitting at the same time. This is where my System shines.

  1. The Silver Lotto System works to get both you and the moon in the same spot each game.
  2. LottoPredict tells you the right date for the intersection.
  3. And the PRO Custom Profiles tells you when the plane is going to cross the moon.

All you have to do is line them all up and wait till it all comes together. Easy.

All was not lost however on our personal moon episode. I had won prizes in Saturday night's lottery. As well, I got to see the moon in perfect weather along with some of my family for company.