PREDICTIONS: How To Talk Your Way Into A Lottery Win

Sometimes predicting the lottery is like talking another language. PHOTO

You're sitting down with your friend at lunch, and they begin to talk about themselves. No problem - you're a good listener. So you listen a bit.

You both take a mouthful of lunch, and as your friend chomps through the quiche, they begin to talk again.

You were going to make a comment at that point, but you don't want to interrupt.

And so it goes on... you can't get a word in edgeways because they are talking all the time. And when you're not talking, you're both eating. There doesn't seem to be an opening anywhere.

It's just like playing the lottery. You play your tickets, but that week your lottery game is still talking. So, no wins.

So you try another time, and your game has just finished taking another mouthful as you approach.

No wins there either. The answer?

Wait until they stop talking. Then you jump in.

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