IMPROVE YOURSELF: The 3 Essential Personality Traits You Need To Win Lotto


You may be surprised to know that being a winner in life also helps you winning at lotto. I've found that winners in any field have certain personality qualities that have made them successful.

  • It's not good looks.
  • It's not talent.
  • It's not money.
  • It's not hard work.
  • It's not luck.

 Not much left, is there? Well, yes, there is...

Fortunately the personality traits that all winners need can be taught. So all you have to do is follow the path I give you.

1. You Need To Be Persistent. I keep going on about this trait of persistence a lot - with good reason. Many people give up too early. But everyone benefits from being persistent. When I read or hear about winners in life being successful, I pry a bit behind their success. And I find always they have chosen one field, one item, one skill... and maxed it out over many years. Every one of them has stuck to their knitting and kept to their skill or talent, without fail. If you apply that principle to winning lotto, you can't go far wrong. Keep at it. NEVER give up!


2. You Have To Play Multiple Times. Winners keep playing, time after time, even when the odds don't go their way.

Billy Walters

Multi-millionaire Billy Walters had 16 years of straight losses before his Las Vegas sport betting business finally took off. His secret was to keep playing until the odds of winning finally changed. It's a bit like persistence. Every extra game you play increases your winning chances many times over.


3. You Need To Pick Yourself Up. I'm talking about folk who might first lose, but then have the ability to bounce back again to eventually win. If you read about most successful people, you will always find on their climb to the top they fail many times... but always rise above it.


4. BONUS TRAIT: They Are Always Positive. Positive people automatically choose the correct path. It's impossible to lose if you have a positive belief that you will win. This keeps you going when your life is filled with problems.


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