FRESH START: The 3 Step Lottery Winner Master Plan Revealed

If there's one secret that you must know to win lottery prizes, it's having a plan. Luckily, this is a simple step when you use my System.

But before I go into this, there's an even more important factor. And it's crucial to your success.

It's a simple rule:

"Before you buy tickets... spend on products instead."

That's because my System has three parts that get the most out of every dollar you spend on a lottery ticket. And your winning success rate increases hugely when you use the three parts together.

Not only do you get better winning odds, but you spend less doing it, and you can play confidently each week.

It works like this...

Say you have $20 a week to buy tickets, and you're using just the Silver Lotto System.

That's a good start. You'll get an 80-98% increase in winning chances than by not using any system at all, or quickpicks.

But it still means that if the game doesn't match your tickets that week - as often happens - you've lost the lot.

You need to find a way to play each week when you have the best chance of a match. That's where the other parts of my system come in - the Master Plan.

Follow these steps for your Master Plan:

# Step 1: Buy the Silver Lotto System for an 80-98% win chance improvement. This is the basic step.

# Step 2: Add LottoPredict to your plan. It's less than $8 a month, and the program tells you which are the best weeks to play. It's an absolute essential part.

# Step 3: This is where the real success starts... add the PRO Custom Profiles. This consists of four separate sets of numbers you use with LottoPredict. So, if LottoPredict shows you that this week's game is a red light - not recommended to play with the Silver Lotto System - you instead use one of the matching PRO Custom Profiles to play that game.

Every Silver Lotto System win has the potential to hit the jackpot! PHOTO

The big advantage of the PRO Custom Profiles is that you can play consistently through the month without having to wait for a green light from LottoPredict.

I've just finished compiling the week's latest LottoPredict figures, and it's ready for you now.

PRO is an essential tool for winning - buy it now.

1. Get the System with LottoPredict
2. Add PRO Custom Profiles