MUSINGS: Can A Cellphone Really Take The Place Of A Watch?

Last night my son and I went to a concert... a solo guitarist-singer called Paul Ubana Jones. It was a great night shared with about 200 enthusiastic people at the small inner-city venue.

It had been a while since I had ventured out in our city at night. Like many cities ours had the usual mix of the young and restless... drinkers, nightclubbers, bored street kids.

So before we went, as a precaution I removed $800 from my wallet, and left my expensive watches at home.

I left my expensive watch collection at home.

I figured if I needed to know the time I would do what many people do these days - use my iPhone.

As it happened I needn't have worried. The town was affable and the mood was great. We weren't bothered.

But the big problem was getting the time conveniently.

Concerts have an arrive time, a start time, an interval time. And to check the time one of us had to pull our phones out from our pockets, turn them on to see the time.

It was inconvenient and awkward. I longed for the convenience of my watches.

It's the same with my lottery system. Sure, like the iPhone-as-a-watch, you can use the basic Silver Lotto System and it will do the job well.

But if you really want the convenience of knowing when to play each week, you need the right tool for the job - the Lotto-80 System and the PRO Custom Profiles.