The Stranger At The Window - And The Lottery Winning Lesson Learned From It

The knock on the outside window last night became louder, startling everyone in the room.

But it wasn't the banging that made them nervous, or that the office window was mirrored and they couldn't see the person knocking in the darkness outside.

But the fact that they were 3 stories up.

And there were no outside stairs.

A voice called from outside, muffled through the glass, and one of the group in the room recognized him. The group rushed to the window and opened it.

It was then they discovered the visitor had climbed the scaffolding that covered the building while it was being repainted. He was very grateful to be let in.

His quest had started because the front door was locked, 3 stories down.

He had tried to ring someone in the group to be let in, but before he could dial, his phone had died. And as the outside door had been left locked, the only way was to make the climb at night, up the scafforlding.

What this demonstrated was this man's determination to join the group that my wife was taking that evening.

Winning the lottery is easy if you're persistent. PHOTO

He took risks, and kept going when his reserves ran out. He had initiative and he persisted.

If he was a lottery player, he would have won by now! The winners in any lottery game are persistent and determined, like Phil:

Start using persistence and focus in your lottery games, and you'll be amazed at how many winning windows open up for you.

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