Don't Have The Willpower To Win The Lottery? Here's The 2-Step Secret!

Sisters shared the $2.9 million Washington Lotto jackpot. Beverly (r) said she always knew she would win - great example of willpower! PHOTO

A while back I stepped up to the scales in my bathroom.

They are not electronic. I don't like the zero point accuracy. I don't believe it helps anyone when they trying to drop some fat.

These scales are a classic design that looks very attractive in silver and gray. It has to be good looking, since I'm staring at it every week.

But this day I got an unpleasant surprise.

Whoa! I had gained 2kg... that's about 4 1/2 pounds.

Now, as some of you will know, I've lost a mountain of weight with my own program, the Banned Food Diet (now sold out).  

But in previous weeks I had relaxed a bit. Gone a bit stir crazy.

A biscuit here, two biscuits there... a few helpings of cake. And before I knew it...

Bang! - the equivalent of four packets of butter were hanging around my waist.

And it showed. There was only one thing to do. The reputation of my product was at stake!

I jumped back on the program.

And nearly seven days later... success - I had lost it all again. I planned, and I persisted. It felt real good.

There is a parallel process in winning the lottery. Because you need 2 strategies in place in order to get anything back from your entry fee.

  1. The first strategy is persistence.
  2. The second is a plan.

Notice I haven't said anything about luck. I'll tell you why in a minute... 

Persistence is easier when you have a goal. You might be aiming for a simple $1 million. Or you might be a bit more ambitious and go for $27 million - like our almost-winner in the testimonial below.

It's pretty easy to imagine how you could spend it, and for many of us that's a driving force.

But by far the most effective method is to work to a plan. That's what I did when I followed my Banned Food Diet.

It told me what to do, day by day, and I followed blindly.

That's what you need to do when you play any lottery game... whether it's the lofty heights of a giant multimillion Powerball jackpot, or a simple $100,000 at your local or state level.

Follow the Silver Lotto System plan without thinking. Just do it.

So what about luck? Well, it does play a part, but it's really so small that the benefits of luck can be overcome by persisting with a plan. That's how I'm able to get up to 98% winning accuracy.

Luck is just a tiny part of working to a plan, and keeping on going.

Why not join our rapidly growing number of big-time winners? Start this week with a plan that could change your life by Saturday.