Steal My Top 5 Personal Lotto Winning Secrets For Free


Henry Mullins (right) has been getting $1,000.00 a week since 2008, and will continue getting this sum for life. PHOTO

Like most other folks in the world I've failed in many ways to achieve a perfect life:

  • I eat healthily... drink green tea, enjoy oily fish. But I can go on a chocolate binge at any time without regret.
  • I have excellent self-discipline most times, but often still need a fear of failure and deadlines to motivate me.

For decades I used to worry that my average height would stop me from achieving success.

Then I realized French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy, Simon Cowell (American Idol) and Napoleon are also very short people.

In fact, many of the great succeeders in our world started off with huge disadvantages in life but made the most of their talent.

So here's how you can climb the lottery tree to achieve even more than you dreamed, no matter where you started in life:

1. Have a Goal

As lottery players, our obvious goal is to win the jackpot. That's what every lottery player aims for.

But it may not be your best bet. The chance of getting the main prize - even with the huge 98% advantage of my System - means that 2% is still luck.

So that's why back in 1991 I decided to make my goals for my System far more reasonable.

My answer was to have many smaller goals instead of one giant one. No-one can hit the main prize without a little luck, so the next best result is smaller, but multiple winnings.

Aim for the top anyway, and you will be surprised at where you get, like our $22.2 million winner.

2. Create Priorities

Have a clear goal. There are always distractions to pull you away from the important jobs. I have cars to polish, admire and use, but every hour spent with them or the polish bottle means less time on the important issue of income.

So I make business income and winning the lottery my top priority... everything else comes second.

It takes real guts to figure out what your priority is, and then work on it. You MUST get down to your local lotto shop and play your tickets. Don't let anything come between you and your top priority of winning.

3. Take Action

I could ramble on about this rule for hours. But the basics are simple.

Everything you do must be Action related.

Feel like taking a nice break with a cup of coffee? Wait a minute - shouldn't you be buying another part to your Silver Lotto System to boost its success rate?

Don't you have to get down to the lotto store to play? Don't take it easy. Take action in everything you do!

4. Persist - It Pays Off

I can not tell you how much persistence works in your favor if you make it a priority.

When we first shifted into my previous home, I decided to apply my do-it-yourself skills and install the new microwave into the cupboard space built for it.

It took me from afternoon right through to 1.30am to complete this 'easy' task which a skilled tradesman could have done in 30 minutes.

But without persistence I could have easily given up and spent the next week looking for someone to do it for me. I hate unfinished jobs.

So persistence is the secret I use to finish them off.

Lotto is the same. It's easy to give up in the first few weeks when you don't seem to making progress, but persistence will get you through.

5. Do-It-Now

Don't put anything off.

If you need to fill out your Silver Lotto System tickets (a once-only action), then push your chair away from your computer now and fill them out.

I found that by not waiting until I made a conscious decision, things got done very quickly. Without thinking about what steps I needed to take, what tools I should use, what actions would conflict with what timetable - I just got started.

Do It Now has been the most powerful influence in my life.

And the best thing is that i gives you a terrific feeling of accomplishment. There is nothing hanging over you. Your life becomes easier and more relaxed.

Whatever you choose to do... Do It Now!


  1. Goals
  2. Priority
  3. Action
  4. Persistence
  5. Do It Now

And this is what you get:


Dear KEN, Last Saturday i was one of the lucky winners - we shared the big jackpot. 6 provisional winners of $537396.59 each (Total $3,224,379.00) and we are one of the 6.

Regards, Maher M.