Ramp Up Your Lottery Winning Chances 100% By Following These 5 Success Steps

Any lottery game in the world can be improved with the steps below. Here's winners from the India Super Lotto.

If your next game is on Friday or Saturday, you've a few days to get ready for it. So how are you feeling at the moment? Optimistic?

Maybe you've been playing for a few weeks and not seeing the results you want.

No problem - you now have a couple days to change your playing patterns for the next game. Change is necessary because if you keep doing the same thing - you're going to get the same results.

You need to change your actions to reach your goal.

So plan to make some powerful changes in your lotto life:

  • If you only bought a few tickets last game, now go ahead and increase them for the weekend's games. So if you only buy 5 tickets normally, double them - or even go to 50 tickets if your budget allows.
  • If you only played one game last , add another game and double your chances. Normally I don't recommend doing this, but occasionally it's worth a try. Use LottoPredict to get maximum effect for both games.
  • Or, specialize to increase your odds. Instead of playing twice a week, select the day that no-one else plays. This will reduce the chance of you having to share the prizes with many other players.

But more importantly you should take steps to rid your mind of any negative thoughts running through your head after a period of no-wins.

Luckily you can accelerate the mental repair process by doing some easy steps. For example, I find if I take a short break and think about something else, I'm refreshed - ready for anything again.

And when you take a break, you must also do two actions to speed up this transformation: 

  • Change your physical location. Get up from your computer or your tv couch, leave the house and take a walk. Make a scenery change to make it most effective.
  • Fill your mind with inspiring thoughts generated from a photo, a book, or something you can touch and feel. This makes your change more permanent.

Then can you return and start your next step with renewed enthusiasm.

You can always change your attitude with these simple actions and some different thoughts. Try it!

And make the most of the next few days by using more powerful tools for your game.

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