SURPRISE: Take A 3-Week Trip To The Mall

Imagine the possibilities.

...the life you could have after a lottery winnning, compared to the life you lead now.

Say you wanted to take the family down to the mall.

"Jump in the car, guys," you call out, as you put the rubbish can out and lock the back door. "We're going to the mall..."

You pause for effect. They don't know what's coming...


Then watch their faces!

Think how exciting that would be... on your way to the Samaritaine Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in Paris, to hang out with a bunch of foreigners.

Because France is way different to your life in the 'burbs.

To illustrate this, I was touristing on the sidewalk in Paris, France, a while back, when two young men started crossing a side street nearby. Well dressed, in the way only the French do it.

Down the street came a small car, with an attractive girl driving.

Instead of walking in front of her, they stopped in the middle of the side street.

One of the men bowed, and made a large sweeping gesture with his arms to let the girl's car move ahead.

The second one blew her a kiss through the open window as she passed.

They all laughed. It was a magic, innocent, completely French moment.

Would you see that in YOUR home town, or outside your local burger joint? Unlikely. You need to get out in the world more.

Travel broadens the mind - but empties the pockets. So you need an unlimited source of money to overcome that. Start here.