LOTTO OFFER: How My Painter Made Me Give You This Lottery Winning Offer

Not my painter.

Over the last couple of days my painter has been re-doing our interior doors. There's about a dozen or so.

We've grown accustomed to his face appearing at all corners of our house as prepares and paints the doors.

And he's done an excellent job.

Now, the original quote was for two coats of paint, but we've discovered one coat looks just fine.

So his boss said if we liked the job, he would only charge for the single coat. And that saved me about a thousand bucks straight away.

Needless to say I was delighted with his shock announcement. Because in business and life you expect prices to go up - rather than down.

It's rare to have that happen anywhere else. But here's a surprise...

I'm doing it too.

From time to time I give a free month's subscription to my popular Lotto-80 System. And today - to celebrate my painter's savings - I'm offering this bonus again.

If you buy any Lotto-80 membership from today, I'll add another free month to it.

You won't see this offer on the website - it's only available to you as a Lotto-Daily subscriber and Lotto Life blog reader.

And I may withdraw it anytime, so be quick: