REVEALED: Where Pinching Pennies Gets You (And It Ain't That Far!)

Beatle Paul McCartney and his Lexus.

Once I was a some-time reader of a penny-pinching blog. It told you things like how to save soap bits and put them all together for another cake.

But, problem is - I believe that saving pennies leads to a poverty mentality.

For example, one post was about the author buying a Toyota Prius.

If you didn't know, a Prius is the dinky little Japanese hybrid car that sells like hot cakes in today's green climate. Maybe you've seen Seinfeld creator Larry David drive one in his show "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

A few years back I drove one of the first Priuses built. It was quiet, and fun.

Even pop star Sting has a Toyota Prius.

So, to justify the purchase, the blog author carefully totted up all the details and rationalizations for his decision. He ran the numbers carefully and made a carefully optimized decision.

No doubt this purchase will be a great asset to his family. But the way it was done left me cold.

You see, sometimes an intelligent purchase like this appears to be a thinking, logical process. Most folk make a list of the pro's and con's, get market reviews, figure their budget.

But when you look at a car that excites you, the best buying decision is an emotional one.

Let me explain...

A while back I had a hybrid too. But the way I bought mine was quite different, and I'll tell you why in a second.

First, it was a Lexus LS600hL. If you google that, you'll find it is the flagship of the Lexus range and the most highly technologically developed car in the world.

Beatle Paul McCartney has one, as you've seen above. There are more...

The Prince of Monaco (r) has a Lexus LS600hL

The King of Norway has one. And now little ol' me :)

I bought it nearly new. And here's how my evaluation process worked back then, as it does now...

  • I sat in it.
  • I drove it several miles in growing astonishment.
  • I fell instantly in love with it, and,
  • I wanted it.

The only calculations were to make sure my bank balance could stand the purchase.

And I had zero regrets about my purchase. It was by far the best luxury saloon car I've driven, and I have been behind the wheel of a lot of exotic vehicles.

When YOU buy your next car after winning your upcoming lottery game, don't do it by the numbers. When you have money, things are different in a big way...

  1. You don't run a checklist, get a test done or check the engine. (I've bought several of my cars without lifting the bonnet!)
  2. Forget the economy figures - it doesn't matter any more.
  3. You don't consider what others think (they'll always be jealous of a Ferrari!)

Instead, feel the passion.

Smell the new leather, sink into the lush seats, caress the walnut and leather wheel, listen to the muted hum of the powerful motor wafting you along the road at unimaginable speed, hear the tires humming quietly on the pavement, watch the gentle glow of the instrument panel and the needles that sweep in unison over the luminated dials.

Imagine the smiles on your friends and family's faces as they share in the fun of being in one of the best cars on the planet, driven by you.

When you have the money, buy what you love.

The payback is immense. You'll never regret it.

Because life is too short to have regrets.