Avoid These 10 Crazy Ways To Fill Your Lotto Tickets And Win The Lottery


Yesterday my jaw dropped as I watched a guy fill out his ticket at my lotto shop. He searched the wall posters for inspiration, then jotted some numbers down.

Then he looked out the window (car licence plates?) and wrote some more. I think I even saw him fill in the time from the wall clock!

I can't believe the ineffective ways most folk fill out their tickets.

These unfortunate people haven't anything to go on, so they use superstition, mumbo-jumbo and useless numbers from all sorts of places.

And they usually don't get a penny back in winnings for their efforts.


I know. Because in 20 minutes hanging round the lotto outlet while waiting for my mother-in-law to finish her shopping, I counted 14 people getting their tickets checked.

And not one payout among them.

You know what a payout sounds like, right? In our country it's the catchy ditty "We're In The Money."

If you read this list, you'll quickly see why losers crash. So all you have to do to win is by using rear vision... by NOT following these 10 examples...

  • They use birthdates as the numbers

  • They fill their tickets using numbers diagonally

  • They fill in their ticket cross-ways, up and down

  • They use numerology by picking a name, then by matching each letter with a number (a=1, b=2, c=3 etc) they fill out the coupon

  • They see a psychic

  • They use the date

  • They mix and match different systems

  • They toss a dice

  • They use a free software system from the hundreds available

  • They use (un)Lucky Dips!

There is absolutely no way that any of these efforts will produce a single dollar, except by the remote chance of hitting a million to 1 shot.

How do I know this? The unhappy losers write and tell me. Typically they say:

"Ken, I've tried everything over the years and haven't had a single winnings. In desperation I'm going to try your Silver Lotto System..."

Well, you guessed it (sales talk follows)... soon after they buy it, they start getting wins, Some small, some large, and their attitude changes.

Then I get thank-you letters:


I played your system a lot when I first got it even though you said to put everything into one game. Then I settled down and followed your recommendation and got a winner, $2230.00

Thanks its great.

Jason C (name and address supplied)