HIDDEN WINS: Ghost Winners - Invisible... And Broke!

When you win the lottery you have all the time in the world to do what you want!

This blog is all about winning.

So if there's one thing I want to stress to you as a Silver Lotto System owner or owner-to-be, it's this...

Buy a ticket today!

The number of Silver Lotto System owners (Silverites) who are seeing spectacular winnings on paper--but didn't get a cent because they didn't buy a ticket for the winning game--is growing by the week.

I call them "ghost winners" because their winnings are invisible.

If you look in the testimonials you'll see several people there who won up to a million dollars... but failed to play. They are all very unhappy.

Here is just one example of a ghostie who should have bought a ticket years ago:

Hi Ken Silver, I am a computer programmer, currently living in Virginia Beach, VA. Just by curiosity I decided to write a computer program in ASP to follow the instructions in the Silver Lotto System. I ran a simulation using the whole history of the Virginia Mega Millions Lottery, and it turns out that your system HIT the jackpot... Jose M L (name and address supplied)

Computer simulation is all very well, but it doesn't match the feeling of a thick wad of greenbacks in your hand, a seat on your own private jet, or the powerful feeling of never having to work again for the rest of your life.

And another who lost a million... "I had all the numbers, you wouldn't believe it," Lester R. told me over the phone. "A million dollars, I missed a million dollars!" 

MISSED $1 MILLION! After taking tickets of the same series for some time,... I decided to extend out to a much larger number of entries. This was what Ken had been saying so I followed instructions. I did get organised but alas I let that fateful night go by when I did not buy and the prize pool meant that $1M would have been won as my first line of numbers came up.
Lester R.

Play for real. Really.