WARNING: Don't Buy My Winning Lottery System If You Agree With These 5 Points

Kentucky Powerball winners with $128 million. Could this be you soon?

Hey, I'm just an enthusiastic guy when it comes to talking about my System. I might even get carried away at times in my effort to help you get the lottery wins you deserve.

And I put out a LOT of information to help you win. I understand it can all get a bit much sometimes.

So before you succumb to my hypnotic charms... stop a minute and take a breath. Don't buy my system if you agree with any of these points:

- If you think you have to spend a lot of money on each game. You don't have to spend any more than $10-12 a game. Spending more means more chance of winning. But even that small weekly amount is enough to speed your odds to beat most of the world's players.

- If you're buying to get it free later with a refund. I used to get very few refund requests - and it's now zero across all my products. My Silverites are very happy with their results. But if you requested a refund so you could get it free, because it's now a membership site that doesn't work any longer.

- If you don't like figures. There's a tiny amount of easy figure work, but it is all a simple step-by-step process. Most people have it done in 30 minutes. But if you simply don't want to go there, I will do a customized one for you.

- If you're expecting instant results. Sure, you could get lucky using the system the first time, and many Silverites have (see Ron's testimony below). But for most of us the element of luck needs some time first... a bit like slow cooking a turkey. Prepare for a month or two of trying it out and getting smaller prizes before you step up your playing. Adding LottoPredict and PRO Custom Profiles will speed up your play.

- If you think that past results will predict future ones. My system can't be tested by running historic tests. True, I've 'won' several million dollars that way, but the real test is your ability to win NEXT week. Don't use a lack of past results as an excuse to avoid playing the games ahead.

Happy now? I'm sure you are a lot more comfortable now about getting a System that will help you get winning.