How 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Robert Kiyosaki Can Help You Win The Lottery

Robert Kiyosaki

I've written before about Robert Kiyosaki. He's author of the acclaimed series of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" best-seller financial books.

I have a bunch of them on my study bookshelves.

Well, I was re-reading one of them this afternoon, called "Retire Young, Retire Rich". And one story he told on page 50 rang a bell with me.

There he told a story that helps us understand about trying, winning and losing.

And I thought it applied exactly to the way we play the Silver Lotto System too.

Rich Dad was discussing winning a million dollars with Robert Kiyosaki and asked him this question:

"Are you willing to lose 99 out of 100 times?"

Rich Dad went on: "If you knew that you could win a million dollars and the odds were 1 in 100, you could play 99 times and know that the 100th time would be the pay-off."

To succeed in this example, all you needed to do was make 99 bets and you would win the last one - even though you lost 99 to get there.

That makes perfect sense.

You know that my System improves your chances of winning - up to 98% with the PRO Custom Profiles. So a win each time is easy when you follow my instructions.

All you have to do is keep persisting just like Rich Dad advised, and you will achieve the win percentages you need.


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