QUESTION: If You Won The Lottery, Would You Quit Your Job? Really?

Luke Pittard won $2.7 million and quit his job. But he returned to work at McDonald’s within 18 months. “There's only so much relaxing you can do," he said. Via abcnews

If you won big this week (and I'm hoping you will!), would you quit your day job?

Most people say yes. Many folks say they would gladly march into their boss and throw their empty lunch wrapper on the desk and say: "That's the last you'll see of this - and me!"

Others fantasize pinning a notice on their boss's door with "I QUIT" in huge letters on it.

I had the most pleasant experience of my life when I tossed in my last and final job many years back.

When my boss started to say something to me (I hoped later it wasn't about a pay increase)... I held up my hand as if to cut him off.

And he stopped talking! What power I felt at that moment. I wasn't rude - and he was a nice guy - but the job sucked big-time. I left a month later without looking back, and n-e-v-e-r worked for anyone else again.

Christine Chaar said she wouldn't quit her waitress job after winning a $1million Florida Lottery jackpot. Via tbonews

But back to you...

When you give up that 9-5 drudgery, what will you do?

"No problem," you'll say. "I have a zillion things to catch up on, and best of all the freedom to do anything I want!"

Mmm. Maybe you will... mebbe you won't.

You see, when people retire - which is what you're expecting to do with that Big One - most of them last about 6 months. Sometimes a year.

Then they get bored. Without the constant stimulation of a job and contact with others, many folks become bewildered and lost. I've seen it happen so often.

A friend of mine gets a lot of visitors to his classic car business... and they're all retired, aimless, looking for a friendly someone to talk to. 

So, before you toss in that job, think about what you're going to replace it with.

You need something.

Even millionaires work hard during the day - even when they have more than enough money to keep them in luxury.

And when they're not working, they are planning for something else.

Could you say that about yourself - when you get the Big One?

Maybe if you have a great job, you'll stay there for something to do. Think about it before you go rushing in to your boss. Fun thoughts, aren't they!