REAL LIFE DRAMA: A Whirring Robot Rescued My Wife!

robot-riman (1).jpeg

It's true - my wife was rescued by a sophisticated robot after being trapped in a cupboard. Unfortunately it’s not the one in the photo above.

Let me tell you how it happened...

This morning, as I do every day, I put our Roomba - a battery-operated floor vacuum cleaner: - to work on our kitchen floor and went back down to my office.

While it was merrily sweeping away, my wife tried to complete a task on her phone and went into our walk-in pantry for some quiet.

She closed the bi-fold doors to keep the Roomba out while she concentrated.

Then she discovered she couldn't get out! The doors - which close in the middle - don't have a handle on the inside.

So my poor wife was trapped inside, with only the refrigerator and piles of food to keep her company. Desperate times!

I was downstairs watering the garden, then I began washing our car. I couldn't hear her calling.

After over half an hour - and no-one around except the whirring Roomba - my wife was getting very annoyed as you can imagine. Suddenly the pesky machine banged against the middle of the pantry door on its cleaning path, and the door opened slightly.

She was able to push it open and escape!

What does that have to do with lotto?

Nothing. But it kept us both in good humor for most of the day, so I had to share it with you.

OK, now for some more good news, from Jay:

--- "Ken, forgive me for sounding skeptical, but when I emailed you 4 months back, I had no idea your lotto system was going to change my life and my families.

Each week for a couple years I had been seeing my lotto shop and getting zilch. The staff were like old friends that would joke when they saw me coming with my 50c bet- Will it be your turn this week Jay? and my family were always kidding me about why I wasn't winning.

So after many months of putting it off I finally decided to take the plunge and buy your lotto system. 

When I took the first set of my winning tickets down to my shop and got the usual comment, I gave myself a grin because I knew something they didn't! And I was right - because when it rang again after the third week through they all came running round my ticket, wanting to know my secret!

It's thanks to you that we now have more money each week than we've ever had! There's no big wins yet, just a few hundred dollars or so each time and $668 this week, but it's better than anything I've done so far.

So I want to tell anyone who doesn't believe me - it works just as good as Ken says." - Jay R., NJ (name and address supplied) ---