ODDITY: What 10 Lottery Winners Bought That Were Really Unusual

Did lottery winner Sarah Creighton buy her title after watching puppet Lady Creighton-Ward in the tv Thunderbirds series?

According to the UK National Lottery, here are 10 of the most unusual purchases made by lottery winners:

1. Recorded and released a single (Roger Griffiths)

2. Pair of new knees (Tony and Greta Dodd)

3. Hair salon (Wendy Brown)

4. Racehorse (Dean Hardman)

5. Robin Reliant car (Michael Eggleston)

6. Woodland and 300 new trees (Thea Bristow)

7. Breast enlargements for her two sisters (Sarah Coppings)

8. Flock of sheep (David Funnell)

9. Whiskey factory (Peter Lavery)

10. A 'Lady' title (Sarah Creighton)