TODAY: Why I Opened My Watch Winder And Stopped Worrying

My Breitling and a week's worth of lottery winning tickets.

I opened my wardrobe door and stared at the large walnut box with the glass lid.

Inside, my four expensive watches were slowly revolving on their velvet stands as they were wound by the sophisticated motors.

Then for the first time in months, I opened the lid of the mechanized watch winder.

And selected one of the watches there.

It was my Breitling For Bentley. The watch I had bought to match my Bentley Continental coupe. Here it is:

As I put on the heavy timepiece, I pondered.

Why had I spent a small fortune on these expensive pieces of art - but never wore any of them after the first few weeks?

I had puzzled over this for the last few days.

And now - after months of using my iPhone to tell the time - the answer was obvious.

I was worried.

Worried about scratching them. Worried about losing them. Even worried about having them stolen - watch-jacked!

It's like having all your Silver Lotto System tickets sitting on your desk, but never playing them.

  • Because you worry about the money the tickets cost.
  • You wonder whether the results will be worth the effort.
  • You worry even about how to spend the vast millions when you've been used to $30k a year wages.

It's quite normal. But playing to win should be fun... a game... you against the odds.

Life's too short to waste it worrying.

I had forgotten all that when I looked at my watches, all shiny, gliding around in their glistening home.

My watch winder box filled with expensive timepieces.

As I slipped the Breitling on my wrist and snapped the exquisitely engineered clasp tight with that satisfying click, I knew why I was wearing it.

And as I counted out the winning tickets from yesterday's lottery win, I knew the time for worry was over.

The time to have fun was beginning, again.

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