EXPOSED: The Real Nitty Gritty On Winning The Lottery

Winning the lottery is more than the jackpot. There are thousands of secondary prizes too.

I opened this email this morning:

"Hey Ken, I bought your Silver Lotto System, but now I see there's some other bits to it. So I'm wondering, do I really need to buy them too? Will your system work without them?"

Sure, it'll work as good as ever.

The odds of winning are pretty much the same whether you buy just the Silver Lotto System or the PRO Custom Profiles.

This is the nitty gritty on how the Silver Lotto System works:

1. The main Silver Lotto System will give you a high winning advantage. It used to be as high as 80%, but over the years I've proven that it's actually as high as 98% - and I've gotten much higher with low number games. So this is the system you use for everything - the first part you buy.

2. Then LottoPredict tells you when is best to play. It doesn't alter the winning odds percentage of the Silver Lotto System at all - just the timing. Play, or don't play, it tells you. The green light opposite your game tells you to play that week and your odds improve. If you get the red light which tells you to hold off play that week, then you've made a big saving by not buying the tickets.

3. The PRO Custom Profiles further fine-tunes the System. It does that by giving you special profiles to use when the LottoPredict chart gives a red light. That means you don't have to wait for a green light to play - you can even play the red light games. That means EVERY game now has the potential to be a winner for you. So I figure your winning rate could be as high as 98% for some games.

You'll always get the best results with low ball and number games. It's simply about numbers. The more complex games like Powerball with high numbers and bonus balls are a little harder to get high winning percentages.

But the Silver Lotto System overcomes most problems. Try it and see.


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