The ONLY Thing My System Can't Promise You

After years of getting nothing with quickpicks and your own number selection (based on your dog's age and the daily temperature!), you've finally caved in.

You took a deep breath, clicked on the BUY button and bought my System.

Then, tentatively you tried a game with $10 worth of tickets. The waiting was agony. And you got nothing.

Gulp. You tried again the following week.

Hey, a bonus ticket and a $10 prize. Then you started to get some regular prizes:

Week 1 - $21
Week 2 - $11
Week 3 - $36
Week 4 - $78
Week 5 - 3 Bonus tickets
Week 6 - $278
Week 7 - $5
Week 8 - $346

As you can see, your wins were pretty up and down. No jackpot either.

But you're in the same boat as many other Silver Lotto System prizewinners... you're getting lots of regular winning for the first time in your lottery life.

But you really want to complain about the small amounts.

Well, here's the secret.

ANY of those amounts could have been a jackpot.

What my system does is get you winning often so you are always positioned for the jackpot. But I can't guarantee a major prize. No system can.

I can maybe get you to 98% winning odds. But that last couple of percent is really just down to luck.

But my System can get you CLOSER than most to some fantastic wins.

And the ultimate secret to larger wins?

Persistence... play often. The more you play, the better your odds. Science proves that. My testimonials prove that.