LIFE CHANGES: Stop Treating Yourself As A Second-Class Citizen!

Your life will change when you win big like these Canada Lotto Max winners. But you can start now too.

We were visiting my daughter yesterday. She lives a couple of hours away, and it was a pleasant drive in the Range Rover.

Before we left her place, I popped into her bathroom to freshen up. And got the shock of my life.

I looked in her mirror and didn't recognize the person staring back at me. I looked 70. The mirror showed every imperfection.

Whether it was the harsh sunlight streaming into the room, or the quality of the mirror, I don't know.

But the first thing I would have done would be put a diffuse coating on the window to soften the light and flatter my view in the mirror.

The experience made me think asbout how I treat myself. I rarely put up with anything negative these days. And it's because I have the power to change it.

But old habits take a long time to lose. For example, I always used to put on yesterday's socks in the morning until I showered (we're getting personal here!)

I figured the couple of hours in yesterday's socks wouldn't matter, they were always clean. But I was actually downgrading my personal esteem.

And I used to leave the good drink glasses in the cupboard and take the mismatched ones, figuring it would save the good ones if they broke.

Nowdays I ignore all that. I put on fresh socks - even twice a day. I use the good glasses and have thrown out the mismatched ones.

I feel I'm worth it, and I want to treat myself better.

And it works.

Everything is different when you win the lottery. Prepare for it!

The concept is really important when you come to win the lottery. You'll be unconsciously taking your old habits with you into your new life.

And people will look at you funny if you tuck your napkin into your collar in a ritzy restaurant. Not that it's important these days, but if you keep a match with your money, life will flow better.

Here's some ideas you might change before you become rich. You'll think of many more, I'm sure:

Try to get more free time. Free time makes you creative. Find some time you don't need - like watching tv for an hour, and use it to just relax. It'll give you a real brain boost. (Don't meditate - that practice dulls the senses and reduces ambition).

Leave a light on. The Queen of England wanders round turning off lights at the palace to save power, so we're told. Even if that were true, it doesn't apply to us if a light turned off makes your place dark and depressing. Leave it on instead. The extra few cents a day won't send you broke. But it will do wonders for you personally.

Are you on a diet? Take one day a week off, and pig out. Switch that chosen day around so your body doesn't know when to expect it. Your diet will progress faster and you'll feel much better for it.

Use newly washed pillowcases. All the time. I have mine done by the laundry service, and I have them changed daily. It makes you feel like a king every day!

Throw out one junk item you own and replace with a quality one. We used hand operated can openers for years, and they were hard work. When I bought an automatic opener a few years back that really worked (many don't), it was a magical experience. Now opening cans is fun, and gives us a lift each time.

Never use plastic cups or paper plates. You're saving nothing except washing, and it makes you feel cheap. Crockery is the way to go.

Dress up, not down for work or home. If your work allows you to wear jeans and a T - and that's how you dress each day - then spend a couple of days of the week and dress up in a blazer or suit. You feel more important, and people will take you more seriously. The same goes for home too.

Stock one luxury food in your pantry. Never tasted caviar? It's not that expensive in small amounts. Buy a small jar and try it. Or an expensive sauce. It's a low cost way to bring a small taste of luxury into your life.

Replace one item you use every day with a quality one. Watch tv a lot? Buy the best screen you can afford. Drive a car, ride a bicycle, use a shaver, carry a handbag? Get the best you can afford. It makes you feel special every day, believe me.

Wash and vacuum your car regularly. Washing your car increases its value  by keeping the paintwork nice, and inside you feel good in a clean car. I rarely travel in anyone's car these days, but I get to peek into a few. And without exception I find most people use their cars as a mobile rubbish tip. The difference in a clean car makes you feel like you're driving first class.

When you pamper yourself, every day makes a difference.

These actions are generally cheap 'n easy to do, but they make an enormous difference in the way you feel about yourself.

And for that reason you should try at least one of them when you don't have money. It will give you the feel of what it's like to be wealthy one day. Call it a practice run.

And it will have a side benefit... you will start to make yourself a first class citizen!


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