Our New Fridge Is A Joke: Why It Reminds Me How Not To Play The Lottery

Our Mitsubishi fridge in a brochure picture.

A while back I decided I wanted the best fridge I could get. If you read this post you'll know why I demand quality all the time.

And so I bought one. A sleek, 21st century stainlesss steel Mitsubishi that looks a million dollars. It has icemaker, vege life-extenders... everything a family would need.

Except... it's been mainly half empty. Or, as I like to say positively... mainly half full.

The two of us are light eaters, so there's not much food in the gigantic storage space at any time.

Our son saw it for the first time the other day when he visited. He laughed when he pulled the doors open and saw all the white space.

It's a bit like buying the PRO Custom Profiles - getting a fantastic lottery-winning-machine, but only using 5 tickets a time.

When you get this top lottery system available (and if you haven't, you will), don't under-use it.

The PRO is there for you to power up your lottery winnings. Make use of every part of my System by buying enough tickets. Because it is a sophisticated lotto beater.

Let me tell you something that might puzzle you when you get it.

You may have noticed that some of the Custom Profiles don't seem to match the usual Silver Lotto System guidelines.

That's intentional.

The PRO Custom Profiles are designed to use alternative number sequences not caught by the main system. That's why it works so well.

Oh, and what reminded me about my fridge purchase was a To-Do tag on my Google Calendar just now telling me it was time to do the monthly fridge clean-out.

That's a job that'll only take a minute!