Here 3 Awkward Lottery Winning FAQs I'm Happily Answering For You

An Iowa Lottery official answers player's questions, and I'm answering yours here.

There's really only one really awkward question I can't answer.

Others are easily answered... "how many times should I play each week?" And... "which is the best game to play?" Even... "how can I improve my play?"

Those along with various "where's my product" questions are answered in my HELP section.
Here's 3 of the most popular. The awkward one I'll reveal shortly:

"Ken, is your $7-a-month LottoPredict really going to help me win? It seems too cheap to do any good." Anthony.


The answer is obviously yes, otherwise I'd be doing something else with my life.

Fiona confirms this too:


Now, I don't know WHEN it will help you win... no-one knows that. Nobody can predict winning jackpot numbers either.

But LottoPredict speeds up your win chances like crazy. And when you use it with my PRO Custom Profiles, that accelerates your 98% winning odds advantage.

Here's why...

Let's say you had $20 a week to play lotto over a month. And because of the unpredictability of numbers, let's say only 1 week in the month gave the winning pattern that matched your Silver Lotto System numbers.

The other 3 weeks are truly a big miss. Playing those would be throwing your dollars away.

Unless - you had a method that matched the good week and the bad ones with the right number combinations. Investing $6.60 a month with LottoPredict to use all of those 4 weeks most effectively is the way to go.

And the most awkward question?

"When am I going to win the jackpot?"

Nobody knows, even me. But here's the sequence to start winning with my system:

If you want to start winning the lottery now, then get the world's most effective Lottery System today. Then add our amazing prediction service:LottoPredict, to speed up your win rate for as little as $6.60/month. Get them together here.