Why I Happily Turned Down A Presidential Position And Walked Away

Other presidents even had their streets named after them, but not me.

Recently I got an offer to be the president of the private road I have lived in since 2003.

And the reason I turned it down was the same reason I use to make my Silver Lotto System the most effective system on the planet...


There are only a few other lottery systems out there. Not counting the dozens of fakes and copies of my own system that are popping up frequently.

And all of them are complex, mind numbing, number twisting mathematical puzzles. And long.

Mine is different. To set up my system, you only need read a few pages of my short 50-page manual.

Other systems are the size of a full size novel. And boring.

It was the same with the street presidency. 

I've attended enough business meetings to dislike them intensely... the strict protocol, the executive-speak, the long words that are designed to intimidate.

No, I turned the presidential offer down, without regret, and settled back into my easy life where nothing is in dispute because I control it fully.

And where I can live happily without unnecessary fuss and bother.

Your choice today is also easy... what do you want - simple or complex?