WOW! 3 Rock Solid Reasons To Keep You Positive And Winning

Steve Colson won the Idaho Hot Lotto jackpot worth over $3.4 million. Via Idaho Lottery

Most lottery players are very positive. Because...

1. Staying positive keeps you playing. And that's the most important part of winning lotto - taking part! Without your "entrance ticket" - the tickets you buy to get into the game - you'll get nowhere.

2. By being positive, you energize the players around you. Lotto is not a solitary game... it is meant to be enjoyed by many people. So gather everyone together round the tv when the game is drawn, and make a social occasion of it. See how the reinforcing effect is keeping you interested, and PLAYING?

3. Remember that a percentage of your play money goes to worthy causes. Clubs, charities, volunteer organizations... they all benefit by your generosity. And if you believe in karma - the attitude that what you give out will always come back manyfold, then that's your reward.

Stay positive!