I've Traveled The World, But One Awesome Thing Never Changes...

I once met famous Australian artist Ken Done.

I visited Switzerland a while back. All I can remember of my trip was the exotic supermodel - stepping out of a bright red Ferrari - next to the historic church our tour was visiting.

In Venice, Italy, all I can remember is that the pizza was nothing like the tasty ones I eat back home.

In Sydney I personally met famed Australian artist Ken Done, and remembered thinking how incredibly childlike some of his paintings were - and the skyhigh prices.

Wherever we go we all see something different, with different values.

That's why I like the preciseness of numbers.

They don't change no matter where you are.

And the best numbers are the money ones.

As I collected my wad of cash this morning from my local lotto shop, it was straight off to the rug shop.

I had seen a $800 wool rug (pictured right) for one of our rooms, and it seemed a good idea to buy it now.

What will YOU buy with your numbers? 

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