TRUTH OR NOT: Congratulations - You Are The 1,000,000th Visitor...Click Here For Your Prize


What's the common denominator in these following crazy emails?

"Congratulations! You are the 1,000,000th visitor. Click here to claim your free iPad...!"

"My name is Christopher Obiwan. I can advise you that a family member of your surname recently died in London last month and left a large inheritance for you. Please send your bank account number so we can deposit it into your account..."

"Our company's profits were excessive last year, and so every customer will receive a $5,000 bonus and reduced power bill..."

Yes, they are too good to be true. Here's another one, a banner:

Some readers think my lottery system results are also too good to be true.

Well, here's the difference...

I make it very obvious that my system will not guarantee you the jackpot. Sure, you MAY win it, but as I say often - my System is best for winning constantly.

It is hugely successful at doing that. As you know from past articles, I and many others manage to get up to a 98% win rate.

Nobody else I know has succeeded this well with any other system.

It means my system works. Fantastically. This no other way to describe it. And the proof is the documented results on the testimonial pages.

Oklahoma Powerball winners Don and Joyce after winning $105.8 million. 

Don't forget, only a tiny handful of people like the couple above win the main prizes in any lottery game in the world.

But the Silver lotto System will produce consistent win results - and some big numbers too - if you play according to my instructions.