NO WORK: Play & Win While You Sleep... Is It Possible?

These UK National Lottery syndicate members proved that sharing works. Photo

A syndicate can be one of the best ways to play lotto.

  • No buying tickets
  • No forgetting to play
  • No making up ticket numbers

And the shared cost means more tickets per dollar. So how can you get involved?

There are two ways. First you can check around your workplace and get a group together.

Then you'll need to nominate a leader, and fill out some paperwork so that legally your win will be shared by everyone who takes part.

Then you need to collect their money each time, buy the tickets at the local store, give them a receipt, and advise everyone whether they have won or not after the game is played.

This is far too complicated.

That's why I developed the Winner's Circle.

For a fraction of the price that you pay for tickets each game, and no effort at all, you can be part of my personal syndicate and share in the prizes.

The Winner's Circle gives an incredible number of tickets for your buck - far more than you could buy yourself.

Take a look at the Winner's Circle now, and get in for the next Group. There's only a few places left: