OBSERVATION: Winning The Lottery Is Not Like Tuning A Piano

As I sit in my home office typing out this post, a piano tuner is plinking a couple of rooms away.

The tuner, a woman in her 40's who also plays the cello, is carefully tuning my wife's piano.

It's a real art.

I can already tell the difference after half an hour... it's sounding much nicer.

And in another hour she will have finished the tuning.

Then it's good for another year or two.

Imagine if you had to spend all your time fine-tuning your lottery tickets, waiting for the results in every game to confirm that your guess was right.

Just like tuning a piano... try a number set, match it up with another set, try again.

Most people without my system are doing just that.

The luck of the Irish! A National Lottery $5 million July win. Photo: mip

They try a few numbers... fail, then try another set. The experiment is endless.

Even my Silverites try this way, and wonder why my system doesn't work for them. Let me reveal the secret...

ALWAYS use the SAME ticket numbers each time!

The secret is to stop thinking of lottery playing as an art form. And instead think of it as a science.

It's a fact that certain combinations will appear frequently. And it's why I and many others get so much success each game.

Follow the Silver Lotto System principle and you won't go wrong.