Break The Rules To Win More: Here's How...

The world is full of do-gooders. And they think they know what is best for you.

They could be the government, rights activists, greenies, your parents. They'll all tell you how to get on in life:

- Get a good education.
- Find a good job and stick to it.
- A medium price gas-saving car is the best.
- You don't need a large house, that's wasteful.
- The government knows best, just do as they say.

I say, ignore them. The winners in this life - and the lottery - are the people who are brave enough to break down the barriers of convention... to persist when everything seems against them.

There have been times when I haven't been brave enough.

For example, I attended a seminar a while back. We were prevented from parking near the stadium because of a Saturday carfair between the venue and the gate.

Like most everyone else at the seminar, I dutifully parked quarter of a mile away and walked the distance.

But my neighbor in the next chair told me he had parked right outside the stadium door.

When I asked him how he did it, he said that he simply explained to the carfair gatekeeper where he needed to go. And he was let through.

I was stunned. All because I didn't have the courage to question authority.

I have changed since then, and benefited greatly. I get more done, at a higher level, and achieve more.

We have many people who influence us in our lives. Most of them are there to prevent us doing what we want. Their voices of reason turn us into mild-mannered, meek acceptors of our fate.

If you want to win at lotto, you need to disregard these.

Who tells you when, where and how often you should play? Ignore them all - except me!

Aim high, focus, and persist. That is how you win.



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